About CropData

In pursuit of finding an “out-of-box” solution to agrarian crises and overall ill-health of our agriculture economy, our experts carried out a comprehensive analysis of the agriculture value-chain using a risk management approach i.e. looking at smallest to largest lacunae that cause vulnerabilities/risks across the agriculture value chain, from the time the farmer buy’s the seed, through the plantation and harvest periods to the final stage when it is available in a store nearby, but from a farmer’s perspective. 

CDT provides a platform with cluster of services addressing the missing link in the vision of the country’s agriculture development. The platform is developed with the understanding of risks in the value chain and also the understanding of the associated government schemes and policies that are being used to address/ mitigate those risks. The services provided by CDT’s platform mitigate the risk’s not effectively being addressed through the government schemes, while leveraging the strengths of the existing system.

CDT’s philosophy has always been to approach problems constructively and positively, without specific fault finding or finger pointing, providing a framework that leverages inherit strengths but with holistic consideration of existing limitations of its stakeholders.

Through our services, CDT hopes to help the participating farmers, traders and processors etc. manage most of their controllable risks and some of their uncontrollable risks.

CDT is neutral platform, providing participating farmers with “timely & specific” advisory, actionable knowledge, cost optimization and last-mile interface for farmers to achieve production and income security.