Knowledge Services

CDT field laboratories are equipped with large screens that play videos of agriculture best practices developed in consultation with the state agriculture laboratories. This content is customized to the crops in the region and the respective crop’s growth stage and in an easy to understand local language. The awaiting participating farmers can watch the videos and interact with the technicians on all areas of farming practices.

It is estimated that the farmers’ exposure to crop health related risks leads to 30-40% reduction in income. Most farmers that are marginal and small have limited options to have their crops checked by laboratories. But through CDT’s multi-tier laboratory infrastructure at the farmers’ doorstep, they are provided with individual/ specific and timely advisory based on in-depth analysis of the crops and that to, through the entire production life-cycle. This results in cost optimization and risk mitigation, increasing the survival rate and productivity of the crop. The knowledge platform further guides the farmers to better farming practices and the timely distress alerts prevent and contain collateral damages. The correspondent services further strengthen their financial position. As this is done on a rolling basis the risk associated with crop failure will reduce significantly