KrishiCo product line provides various correspondent services through its last-mile interface (Dr. Krishi Platform) on a cost effective basis to bridge the rural and urban divide bring several essential services to the farmer’s door-step and making it financially viable for both farmers and service providers to transact.

The correspondent services are basic services desperately needed by the farmers. By delivering them to their doorstep, CDT is providing them an alternative to Arhtiyas and money lenders, hence complementing the CDT’s ecosystem and making it holistic. The complementary verification services help farmers who are otherwise overlooked for the desperately needed basic services of credit, insurance and government subsidies.

It is financially enviable for Banks, Insurance Agencies, Input Manufacturers, Government Departments etc. to maintain a work force with resources and assets at the village or field level to conduct correspondence and verifications of sparse rural customers. CDT’s correspondent and verification services bring the much needed mutual confidence and access to untapped rural markets.