Primary Market

Agriota is CDT’s Marketing Platform, which allows participating farmers to sell their produce directly with markets (mills, food processing industry, wholesales, exports etc.). CDT acts as bridge between the farms and the markets, by helping the farmers find verified buyers on one hand and helping buyer’s find certified crops available for purchase on the other.

The risk mapping of individual fields on a rolling basis allows us to connect willing farmers directly with markets. CDT acts like a transparent intermediary to connect farmers to markets directly during production.

Agriota has an online platform were verified lots of farmers are registered and sold to registered and verified buyers for a fixed fee.

Agriota market place provides several safeguards for buyer and seller default, through various checks and balances including novation management, mutual collateral and insurance based risk management.

Upon maturity of the transaction the farmer produce is delivered to the logistic hub, where its weighed, graded and aggregated. CDT marketing platform provides a complementary logistics management infrastructure with conveniently located logistic hubs within 50kms of each village.

CDT’s marketing platform addresses most of the issues faced by the traditional agriculture marketing mechanism, by providing a forward looking, broader, deeper, transparent, liquid and efficient platform for farmers at their doorstep where they can connect with verified buyers from across the nation.

Buyers, which are mostly consumers and traders of agriculture produce are dependent on the same opaque markets as the farmers. As the buyers cannot identify, verify and aggregate produce from unknown farmers at distant and inaccessible locations they are at the mercy of the inefficient system of Arhtiyas. CDT provides a platform for buyers to connect directly with verified farmers from their office terminals. Buyers can view published lots, which are monitored periodically by a network of laboratories that capture rolling crop condition data, through the entire production life-cycle. The buyers are protected from the pains of aggregation and unpredictability of quality and quantity. The platform allows the buyers to access lots across the country giving them better price discovery, without the inefficiencies caused by the several layers of intermediaries. CDT marketing platform also provides a convenient interface for secondary trading of their positions.

CDT’s marketing platform provides aggregation of lots, forward contracting during production, verification of both buyers and sellers, large number of alternative buyers and sellers, national market, fixed fee structure, fair payment terms and transparent process, which results in better price discovery, income enhancement and income security for farmers, with safeguards to prevent and contain collateral damage.