Crop Data services provides web-based interfaces and mobile applications customized to the various users, such as agriculture markets (Mandi’s), grain traders, food processing companies, input manufacturers, insurance companies, banks, commodity exchanges etc. It provides forecasting and production data by crop, quality and region. It also provides marketing data of lots being traded and related analytics.

The forecasting and production data available are collected primarily during the pre-harvest through crop cutting surveys and remote sensing. In the pre-season most of the forecasting is done through econometry, agro meteorology and land observations. The marketing data is collected through the AgMarknet and input and infrastructure through surveys. Several inaccuracies are observed during the pre-season estimations leading to a silo approach, with short-term (knee-jerk) planning and devoid of meaningful forward looking planning. Crop Data platform provides an accurate and customized data analytics platform giving its users a forward looking view on the agriculture production, market, input and infrastructure data.

Production data is available by crop, quality and region, along with related analytics